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Social media has undoubtedly changed the way we share and communicate with one another, but what may come to the surprise of many is the growth rate at which this phenomenon is occurring. Less than a decade ago, only about a quarter of the US population had a social account. As of May 2017, 81% of the population has at least one account. Thats a 57% swing in just 9 years! It’s not slowing down by any means either. When looking at worldwide numbers, the number of users reached 2.34 billion in 2016, and is projected to increase to nearly 3 billion by 2020*.


The overall growth is a fascinating indicator into how seamlessly social media has merged with our every day lives, but what’s more useful is understanding which platforms are dominating in terms monthly users and engagement.


We took a look at both how many monthly users each platform has, as well as how many minutes a month they’re spending on average in order to determine user engagement and session lengths.


As some may have predicted, Facebook is dominating both categories. What may not be obvious, however, is that users spend way more time on Facebook than any other platform. As of May ’17, Facebook has around 114 million active monthly users in the US, with their users spending around 780 minutes a month on the platform. Thats around 13 hours a month!


One thing is having a solid user base, however, these platforms are more concerned with how much time people are spending on their site or app. This affects advertising, types of content, influencers, and so much more. Take Google+, for example. According to the stats, they have around 41 million monthly users, however, their engagement numbers are abysmal relative to their competition, spending an average of around 10.5 minutes….a month.


Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter all have solid monthly user/engagement ratios, but still have a ways to go before catching up to Facebook.


It’ll be interesting to see what happens in the next ten years. While the numbers will continue to increase, new platforms will rise and some will fall. Remember Myspace?


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